Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Iggy Pop's CANDY!

Obsession; the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image desire, etc.

Synonyms for obsession: mania, fascination, fixation passion.

Obsession, seems a little creepy, let's go with... Fascination,(if it's good enough for Human League then it's good enough for me). So this month's fascination is Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson's collaboration with; "Candy". Not only is it a melancholy delight, a song even sirens would swoon to, the music video itself is visually sumptuous. It's theme seems to be a longing ode to a past lover, perhaps an adolescent dalliance... Another interpretation offered, is a song for a streetwalker, mmh... nevertheless, I feel both are expressed visually and musically well. Whether that be via the cabaret stage, complete with dark lighting and 90's take on old world glamour, or Kate Pierson's ah-mazing cobalt blue fish-tail dress with gold rope detailing. Even Iggy's signature bare chest & 501's seem to offer the right kind of clash for Kate's (yes we're on first name basis now) trashy luxury. Is she a lady of the night or just one who has moved up in the world (that probably could be taken as a prozzie pun, but meh...), you be the judge. Regardless of the message or of the mood, the music & that dress... makes me wanna crrrrrry.... Anywho, as the Americans would say, enough dime store psychology! (and more piccie...)

What can I say, I'm a fan of trannytastic chic, and no one can pull it off like a B52....

Simpler times amongst the flowers

Gee the 90's loved their blues... never mind, the red hair against the blue and gold, is a freaking sensation!

Oh Iggy!
Iggy's simplicity opposes Kate's high maintenance... I just love her take on 60's glamour!

Next "review" more like gush-fest: "Why don't you love me?"