Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grey Gardens

My First post! How exciting!

I think I will dedicate my first post to one of my great loves; vintage fashion!!! More over, this is a pictorial ode to a film I have now become quite obsessed with, Grey Gardens! This HBO film is based on the Maysles Brothers’ 1972 documentary, Grey Gardens. The HBO film chronicles the lives' of Jackie O's eccentric yet fabulous cousin & aunt, and their live's during their stays at Grey Gardens. Drew Barrymore & Jessica Lange star as the Edies and I must say, their performances (as always) were marvellous! The story is melancholy but still has enough chirp and pizzazz not to depress, but the real show stoppers were the COSTUMES!!! Oh my lord did I swoon when I saw those beauties (the clothes) I was droolin' like a regular puppy dog! Even though I haven't done the film justice, with my choice of images, please scroll to the end and check out the bloggers I referenced, coz baby, they did good! Enjoy! :)


And the original Edies:

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