Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Iggy Pop's CANDY!

Obsession; the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image desire, etc.

Synonyms for obsession: mania, fascination, fixation passion.

Obsession, seems a little creepy, let's go with... Fascination,(if it's good enough for Human League then it's good enough for me). So this month's fascination is Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson's collaboration with; "Candy". Not only is it a melancholy delight, a song even sirens would swoon to, the music video itself is visually sumptuous. It's theme seems to be a longing ode to a past lover, perhaps an adolescent dalliance... Another interpretation offered, is a song for a streetwalker, mmh... nevertheless, I feel both are expressed visually and musically well. Whether that be via the cabaret stage, complete with dark lighting and 90's take on old world glamour, or Kate Pierson's ah-mazing cobalt blue fish-tail dress with gold rope detailing. Even Iggy's signature bare chest & 501's seem to offer the right kind of clash for Kate's (yes we're on first name basis now) trashy luxury. Is she a lady of the night or just one who has moved up in the world (that probably could be taken as a prozzie pun, but meh...), you be the judge. Regardless of the message or of the mood, the music & that dress... makes me wanna crrrrrry.... Anywho, as the Americans would say, enough dime store psychology! (and more piccie...)

What can I say, I'm a fan of trannytastic chic, and no one can pull it off like a B52....

Simpler times amongst the flowers

Gee the 90's loved their blues... never mind, the red hair against the blue and gold, is a freaking sensation!

Oh Iggy!
Iggy's simplicity opposes Kate's high maintenance... I just love her take on 60's glamour!

Next "review" more like gush-fest: "Why don't you love me?"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grey Gardens

My First post! How exciting!

I think I will dedicate my first post to one of my great loves; vintage fashion!!! More over, this is a pictorial ode to a film I have now become quite obsessed with, Grey Gardens! This HBO film is based on the Maysles Brothers’ 1972 documentary, Grey Gardens. The HBO film chronicles the lives' of Jackie O's eccentric yet fabulous cousin & aunt, and their live's during their stays at Grey Gardens. Drew Barrymore & Jessica Lange star as the Edies and I must say, their performances (as always) were marvellous! The story is melancholy but still has enough chirp and pizzazz not to depress, but the real show stoppers were the COSTUMES!!! Oh my lord did I swoon when I saw those beauties (the clothes) I was droolin' like a regular puppy dog! Even though I haven't done the film justice, with my choice of images, please scroll to the end and check out the bloggers I referenced, coz baby, they did good! Enjoy! :)


And the original Edies:

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